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Our wood flooring collection is among the finest quality from top vendors in the industry. The quality of our products is so important to us that we regularly visit the mills we do business with. Our hand-selected collection of premium hardwood floors and vinyl flooring represents the finest flooring styles and colors available.

The reputable, high-quality and affordable brand lines that we have in our huge inventory are Ark, Armstrong, Bruce, Boen, Cikel, Columbia, Du Chateau, Graf Bros, Hawa, HomerWood, Indus Parquet, Kahrs, Lauzon, Mercier, Mirage, Mohawk, Mullican, Oshkosh, Owens, Shamrock, Somerset, Superior, Triangulo, Yarema and US Floors - Prestige Flooring has a wide variety of available hardwood products, including: unfinished solid hardwood, prefinished solid hardwood, prefinished engineered hardwood and vinyl.

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Understanding the choices available help you to make the best decision for the particular needs of your home or company.

Unfinished solid hardwood is sold in the form of non-varnished rough strips, which our hardwood floor company has available in a wide variety of species, grades and widths. This flooring is considered the easiest to install according to the team of employees at prestige flooring, however finishing the surface must be done on-site, due to it being more complex.

Our hardwood floor company also offers prefinished solid hardwood, which is sold as ready-to-install wood strips that are pre-sanded, stained and finished with multiple coats of polyurethane. We offer a wide selection of wood species and have a variety of grades, colors, sizes and sheens to fit in with your unique home decor.

We also have prefinished engineered hardwood, which is sold as strips made up of a hardwood surface which are glued onto a plywood base. The team at our hardwood floor company believes that this is perfect floor covering for concrete, radiant heat, and basements.

Vinyl flooring is not just confined to sheets and tiles, you can now get vinyl flooring planks that mock hardwood and bamboo floors. We now carry Cortec Plus.

The most popular species for flooring within our hardwood floor company are oak, maple and cherry. Mahogany, beech, ash, merbau, cypress, birch, pine and walnut are also quite common among our hardwood floor company clients. While browsing domestic or exotic species at our showroom, consider the wood's durability and hardness, as well as its color and grain.

Domestic flooring is known to include white oak, red oak, American cherry, black walnut, pine and ash. Contemporary exotic flooring by our hardwood floor company includes Brazilian cherry, Santos Mahogany, Bloodwood, Sapele Australian cypress, and dozens more. Our unmatched selection of floors provide our hardwood floor company clients with endless possibilities for creating a memorable look in their home.

Medallions and borders work great as artistic accents to your hardwood flooring investment.  Medallions can be featured in prominent locations, making bold statements that tie in with other room décor.  Borders can be used to picture frame a dining room or foyer, accent or soften a doorway or transition, or break up the monotony of a large space.  For example, by matching a border to the color of a featured piece of furniture or to the trim stain color, you can create a stunning look unlike any of the neighbors!

medallian and border



oshkosh medallian


oshkosh medallian

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